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We are Moneta



Something that is unchanging or invariable. 

For Seattle's Moneta, the only constant has been the dedication and passion for the music. Since formation in late 2007, the band has weathered member changes, illness, personal struggles, record label shakeups, and the struggle to survive in the ever-changing music industry. 

With a powerful new rock record in hand the future of Moneta is promising. Sweeping changes throughout the music industry are in Moneta's favor with an increased emphasis on band-driven media and marketing, and readily available content in today's expansive social media space. Fellow locals like Macklemore have blazed the trail for a new age of successful independent artists and Moneta is poised to be one of them. One thing you count on, is that Moneta will persist. 


Vocals // Jordan Thompson

Lead Guitar // Chris Holbrook

Guitar, Vocals // Michael Rapson

Guitar, Vocals // Kevin Hanaford

Bass, Vocals // Ben Brockman

Drums // Victor Olavarria




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The Only Constant

by Moneta